Process + Services

Tax Planning

Understand the tax implications and tradeoffs of equity comp decisions, including AMT potential and how it impacts your financial plan. We review tax planning quarterly to ensure you’re as tax-efficient as possible and aren’t caught off guard with a major bill come filing.

Investment Management

All investment management services are included in our fixed fee. We use Altruist for our portfolio management. You’ll always understand how and why you’re invested the way you are. No hidden fees or commissions ever.

Cash Flow Planning

We develop a savings plan by teaching you how to manage and track your cash flow. We then automate your investment contributions to ensure we’re hitting your savings goals. We’ll make sure you understand where your money is going at all times so that you can be confident you’re on track to achieving your goals.

Protection Planning

We review your insurance coverages annually, including your employee benefits elections. Insurance reviews include health insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and car/property insurance. We’ll make sure you have any necessary estate planning documents such as wills, POA, health care proxy, and trusts.

Initial Planning Process

First Meeting

This is our “getting organized” meeting where we walk you through your client portal. We make sure you have a complete view of your financial picture before we start developing your plan.

Second Meeting

This is our “on track to FI” meeting, where we develop your strategy for managing any equity compensation and implementing specific recommendations for automating your cash flow. This meeting is where we talk “big picture” about the vision we’re building towards.

Third Meeting

This is our “protection planning” meeting where we review your insurance coverages. We’ll let you know if you’re missing any coverage, or if you’re paying for coverages, you don’t need. We’ll help you find a third party to implement any necessary coverage you may need. We’ll also address any estate planning needs.

Tech Tools For Ongoining Planning

Action Items + Reminders

After each meeting, you’ll be assigned action items for any recommendations that need to be implemented. We’ll build out an annual calendar of essential reminders to make sure you stay up to date with everything you need to do.

Plan + Project + Track

You can have anything but not everything! Together we’ll identify a hierarchy for your goals and examine tradeoffs on the path to FI. We’ll project and monitor cash flow each year to ensure you’re hitting your savings goals and being tax-efficient. Track your financial life, including net worth, savings rate, and probability of success, all in one place.

Automate Investing

Altruist is our portfolio management platform of choice. With Altruist, we can set up weekly investing to automate your savings plan and ensure cash is always invested based on your model portfolio. Built in features for rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting ensure that your investment strategy is being executed as planned.

Video Meeting Summaries

After each meeting, you’ll receive a video summary via Loom so that you don’t have to worry about taking notes during our sessions. Watch at your leisure as you receive personalized summaries of our discussions, future recommendations, and the progress we’ve made.

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