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On this Do More With Your Money podcast episode, I discuss if you should be worried that the stock market is in an ‘epic’ bubble.

Whenever someone claims a stock market bubble or bottom, it’s crucial that you take it with a grain of salt and always defer to your personal financial plan.

Remember always to consider the incentives of the person making strong claims about where the market is headed. We live in a world of clickbait and soundbites used to gain our attention to push us towards products and services.

When you understand your personal financial situation and what’s in your control, you should invest with confidence regardless of outside noise.

Always maintain the perspective of the big picture. Major stock market corrections and bear markets allow you to accumulate wealth during your prime earning years.

As always, the key is that you’re able to maintain discipline within your financial plan in any market or economic environment.

I hope you enjoy the episode. šŸ˜

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